About us

     ANDROVET Ltd. has been established 10 years ago in June 1997 in Budapest. The founding owner is Dr. György Gábor DVM, PhD, Dr. habil.. Dr. Gábor educated in 1980 at the University of Veterinary Sciences in Budapest. Since 1991 he is the secretary of the Hungarian Society of Animal Reproduction (www.szapbiol.hu), Hungarian member of the ICAR (International Congress of Animal Reproduction) Standing Committee (1996-present), (www.vetsci.usyd.edu.au/icar), and member of the Executive Committee since 2004. He serves as the Secretary General of the upcoming ICAR 2008 conference what will be held in Budapest (www.icar2008.org). One of the founders and member of the Board of Directors of the Association of Applied Animal Andrology (AAAA - www.animalandrology.org). Founding Diplomate of the ECAR (European College of Animal Reproduction) in 2001. He started his research work in 1983 and actually works for the Research Institute for Animal Breeding and Nutrition (started in 19992) as scientific advisor. His main interests are animal andrology, semen evaluation; ovulation synchronization and estrus induction, early pregnancy detection and preventing embryonic loss in dairy cows. He has a broad international scientific collaboration experience including North-American scientists. He gave seminars at Kansas State University, University of Florida, University of Idaho and he was visiting scientist at Agriculture and Agrifood Research Centre (Lethbridge, Alberta, Canada) and visiting professor at University of Idaho (Moscow, ID, USA 1996-1997). He started a joint research project with Biotracking founder Professor Garth Sasser in 1995.
    Androvet Ltd. offers service for dairy farms (improving fertility, decreasing the calving interval, early pregnancy detection by ultrasound and/or BioPryn test), vetarinary clinics (hormone analyses, deep freezing of dog semen, ultrasound examinations, complex andrological examination of male dogs) and AI centers (complex andrological examination of bulls, semen analysis, CASA).
     Androvet Ltd. started to run its ELISA lab (Anirep lab) in April 2003. Since that time the lab checked the pregnancy status of almost 30000 AI's.
     Androvet Ltd. makes this service at this moment for 14 Hungarian dairies. Androvet Ltd. continuously tries to develop the service that's why all data of cows and the examined AI's are recorded in a data base and the continuous analysis of these data helps improving the service.